Driving Your Girlfriend’s Husband Home

Posted at 12:17 PM, Jan 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-15 12:08:45-05
Sheriff Lamb is kidnapped and it's up to his brother Jack to save him.

Sheriff Lamb is kidnapped and it’s up to his brother Jack to save him.

I think if a man showed up to a sheriff’s station with a shotgun because the sheriff’s son, who is also a deputy, was sleeping with the man’s wife it would play out very differently in 2013 than it did in the 1960s.

Dad: Ha, ha, that cracked me up. And I love that the sheriff made his son drive the couple home.

Me: At least he took away the shotgun beforehand.

The twist of the week on “Vegas” seemed to be a subplot to me again. I know we’re supposed to be focusing more on the sheriff and his kidnapping, but I’m so much more interested in Savino. How long until Rizzo pushes him over the edge?

Dad: Savino is being risky.

Me: In what way?

Dad: He either has to play by Rizzo’s rules, since he’s the boss, or Savino is going to have to take him out.

Me: I can’t see them doing that this quick. I mean we just killed off the other boss.

Dad: Plus, Savino would have to answer to the hierarchy in Chicago. If he doesn’t have a good reason for taking Rizzo out no one will trust him.

Me: Jack is also playing it risky.

Dad: Who’s that?

Me: The sheriff’s brother.

Dad: Oh yeah. His feelings for Mia are just messing things up.

Me: Plus, how doesn’t anyone notice their flirting?! It’s so obvious.

Dad: I think the sheriff knows; he’s just keeping quiet for now.

I like how the plotline with the Mormons is playing out. It was great when they flipped the guns on Savino and Rizzo. Then Savino flipped the script on them, trying to fix Rizzo’s mess. Rizzo looked like he was going to explode. I almost feel bad for Savino, having to deal with that hothead.

One thing that is somewhat surprising to me, the ADA is keeping her investigation into the singer’s death quiet from Sheriff Lamb. She’s letting him know little things but I feel like her keeping him at arm’s distance is a way for the writers to keep her and Savino’s wife isolated for when “it” hits the fan. And it always does.

Dad: Did you think the brother was the one who kidnapped the sheriff?

Me: No. That was the obvious person. Plus, he just didn’t seem like he could pull it off.

Dad: He doesn’t have the mentality for it.

I’m not sure what that mentality would look like. But since it wasn’t him, you can bet he will be popping up in a future episode looking for his revenge on Sheriff Lamb.