I’d like to come back as a Dolphin

Posted at 6:40 PM, Jan 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-16 18:35:18-05
The BAU team search for a killer who thinks he was reincarnated

The BAU team search for a killer who thinks he was reincarnated

I feel better now that the BAU team is in on the serial-killer loop. That means the storyline can start moving forward a bit. So far, he’s copied two of the serial killers they’ve tracked this season. I know it’s a season-long arc, which means there won’t be an ending ‘til May, but I’m so hooked and need more info. I mainly want to know if Reid’s girlfriend is connected to the killer. There’s just something fishy going on there.

As for this week’s killer, I don’t really understand the idea of reincarnation. Maybe it’s because I don’t believe in it. But the killer on “Criminal Minds” sure used it as a twisted way to carry out his mission. The UnSub believed he was the reincarnation of a serial killer who died in the hospital the day he was born. The killer thought the original serial killer’s spirit floated through the air and into him. And the voices in his head are the original killer. This is guy is really screwed up!

So he decides to kill people who were born on the day the original serial killer murdered his victims. Stick with me here. To be honest, the plot wasn’t really keeping me interested, until the guy went after a kid. Anytime you bring a kid into the picture as a possible victim, the tables instantly turn in my opinion.

Two odd moments in the episode did catch my attention. First, why didn’t the team notice the tattoos if they weren’t really going to follow up on the episode? Second, where was Blake? She wasn’t really around as much this episode. Are they already phasing her out?

It’s a long break ‘til the next episode. I just hope we get to see more about Reid’s girlfriend sometime soon!