Pizza driver throws delivery bag at would-be robber

Posted at 8:07 PM, Feb 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-19 06:29:13-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - Around 7:30 Friday night, a delivery driver from Papa John's had just dropped off Jackie O'Dell's pizza.

It was supposed to be one more stop for the night, but things quickly took a turn.

"A few minutes later, I came down to get something out of my car [and] the police were here," said O'Dell.

As he found out, right after his pizza was delivered, someone tried to rob the driver.

It happened in an apartment complex on Autumn Woods Lane, a neighborhood off First Colonial Rd. near Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital.

Police say the driver told them a man was hiding in the bushes and demanded his money as he walked back to his car.

Police say the man threatened the delivery driver with a knife, though he didn't actually see one.

At that point, police say the driver threw his pizza bag at him, but as he was trying to get away he dropped his keys. Police say the man grabbed the keys and took off in the car, but apparently didn't go very far.

Police got to the apartment complex within about 10 minutes.  By then, the car was already back in the parking lot, but no sign of the robber.

As they searched the neighborhood, police say they did learn the delivery driver wasn't the man's only target.

Some of the neighbors say they spotted the same guy tampering with cars shortly before the driver was robbed.

"We moved here because it's a good neighborhood and all the neighbors, we know each other, we spend time together, and things like that just don`t seem to happen," said O'Dell.

Police don't have any suspects at this point.  If you saw anything that could help police, call the Crimeline at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.