Is another Beach Week at the Oceanfront on the way?

Posted at 6:45 PM, Apr 24, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-24 18:45:42-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - It was an empty, quiet Oceanfront on the eve of what could possibly be another out of control weekend one year later.

Business owners weren`t willing to talk to NewsChannel 3 about what their plans are to stay safe, even though all year it`s been a topic no one can put to rest.

The only one who would talk was RK`s Surf Shop owner, Rick Kowalewitch.

According to social media, a 2014 Beach Weekend is very much happening.

Post after post, young people are discussing their plans to come to the beach this weekend.

Young people coming to party at the beach aren`t the only ones who could be coming; there are several events this weekend, including a she-crab soup festival, and a car show.

It’s a busy weekend that Kowalewitch says is poor planning.

Police say they`re ready with 806 officers on hand this year, and they`ll have more of them on foot in the crowds compared to last year.

They won`t hesitate to close down parts of I-264 if things get out of hand.

But is it enough? Kowalewitch says combating this large of a crowd is impossible.