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13-year-old boy’s miraculous touchdown run inspires many

Posted at 12:23 PM, Oct 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 12:27:45-04

WAUKESA, Co., Wisc. – Packers running back Eddie Lacy deserves credit this season for playing on a tender ankle. But there’s another Eddie who has played courageously with pain all his life.

Thanks to his amazing spirit and the love of those he’s inspired, this Eddie did something that goes beyond the game.

“It’s been a long road and it’s always been a quiet dream for me. I’ve always wanted to come out and play football. But then someone said I could come and do it — and I was jumping for joy. And I’m just really speechless,” said Eddie Kimminau.

What made Eddie’s touchdown run during a 7th grade game between his Mukwonago Braves and a classy Muskego team so special was that it represented the long road that the 13-year-old referred to.

You see, Eddie was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome.

“It’s a very rare genetic disorder. He’s missing an enzyme which allows substances to build up in his body which affects all of his organs and also his bones,” said Jeni Kimminau, Eddie’s mother. “He’s had cervical fusions twice. He’s had hip, knee and ankle surgeries. And one of those surgeries put him in a full body cast for six weeks — from his armpits down to his ankles.”

After all that, Eddie’s mom and dad did not know if he’d be walking far enough to score a touchdown. But his spirit has always been willing to get him into the end zone.

“I’ve seen him in the roughest of times, after surgeries where there’s weeks and weeks of recovery. And he’s still one of the most positive people I know. He’s always thinking of others. He’s never down on himself,” (mother) said.

With that backdrop, Eddie got his miraculous touchdown run.

“Immediately broke down in tears. I just wanted to thank all my teammates for helping me — and making sure I don’t get killed,” Eddie said.

As for being an inspiration…

“It does give me a good feeling,” Eddie said. “I’m inspired by a lot of people. I didn’t know I was an influence until right now really.”

Eddie’s teammates blocked for him on that amazing run — along with his sister. His parents have run interference every step of the way.

“My parents mean everything to me. They have been through everything with me. It’s a great feeling to have two awesome parents,” Eddie said.

“To see his tears of joy afterwards, I know that it’s all worth it,” said Jeni Kimminau, Eddie’s mother.