Free Psychic Reading Online - Top 5 Psychics Sites For Live Chat & More

4:04 PM, Apr 20, 2022

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Getting clarification regarding probable upcoming developments can help you relax in times of difficulty.

While worship and meditation are fantastic techniques to delve deeply into our better self's inner minds, they are not always a feasible alternative for individuals who cannot concentrate or have their abilities obstructed after having suffered trauma or anxiety.

You don't have to understand your real intent, potential, and what destiny contains because you can't choose the ideal path you live on your own.

Many people can act as spiritual guides, assisting you in unlocking your knowledge and wisdom by utilizing the natural powers of a curious attitude.

Online psychic readings may either verify what you and others know or present you with an entirely new perspective you've never explored. However, not all psychic reading services are created equal.

Many online psychic websites have incredible psychic advisers vetted for authenticity, whereas others let psychic callers into their platform with next to no scrutiny.

Here are our top choices for the five greatest psychic websites, offering free minutes, reliable psychic readings, and discounted prices.

5 Best Psychic Sites

  • Mysticsense - tailored to meet your individual needs, 5 minutes free for the first session
  • Kasamba - experienced live psychics, free first 3 Minutes + 50% off for new customers
  • Purple Garden - high rated advisors, $10 free credit with any purchase
  • Keen - for your love questions, first 3 minutes are free
  • AskNow - offers gifted phone psychic advisors, 15 minutes for $10 plus 5 Minutes for free 

1. Mysticsense: tailored to meet your individual needs


Do you want to understand particular parts of your lifespan better? Mystic Sense provides one-of-a-kind psychic readings online that are tailored to your specific requirements. This online group comprises real psychics from the world who give their intellectual services by video call, SMS, or webcam. Mystic Sense can aid you with forecasts for a certain scenario or individual in one's life and a deeper knowledge of the sequencing of your choices.

You can accept a psychic to do your interpretation because of the essence of psychic interpretations and the intimate data you reveal. Mystic Sense considers this and only works with qualified and trustworthy people when hiring.

At Mystic Sense, all psychics undergo a thorough background check and must comply with strict guidelines. Customers can choose from various interpretations because the online public comprises physicists worldwide with various expertise.

It's nice to have such options because what fits you might not work for somebody. Customers can see their decades of work expertise and competence by visiting the 'About Me page under each psychic's page on Mystic Sense.

This makes it simple to find your online psychic for a reading because the search engine permits you to select particular categories: expertise, subjects, skills, tools, and learning styles. You can also read customer feedback for each physic to get direct personal involvement to help you determine if it is the perfect candidate for you and your wants.


With an advanced connected look for a toolbox that enables you to filter through certain classes based on readings, you may choose someone who better suits your perspective on life from a wide choice of licensed and trusted psychics. Psychics specialize in mediumship, pet, career, and adore physics. Power therapists, intuitive, clairvoyants, clairaudients, and clairsentients are among the options.

You have an abundance of alternatives to discover for Mystic Sense since these best spiritualists cover a wide range of topics from dating, relations, and domestic to a religious approach like chakras, mana, and dream interpretations.

Because the firm follows a rigorous confidentiality policy, you would never need to be concerned about exposing critical information to anybody other than the selected psychic. Whatever response you seek, this website can assist you in discovering something you may have never known.

Several subjects are available, counting pet medium, fortune teller, and love psychics. So, if you're searching for a brilliant psychic with a diversity of various specializations, this is a wonderful place to begin.

What sets Mystic Sense distinct from other sites is the ability to search for psychics based on their tone. Everyone processes information differently, and how we get it can greatly affect our ability to grasp it. You can choose a Mystic Sense psychic with a sympathetic, expressive, straightforward, contemplative, or knowledgeable tone for your reading.

Mystic Sense provides a diverse range of interpretations that surpasses those of many other online psychic websites. Angel cards, numerology, reiki healing, cartomancy, crystal ball, tea leaves, runes, and palmistry are all ways to get a reading.

The website's best psychic strictly considers privacy because of the private information revealed during readings. They follow legal security procedures to safeguard that this privacy is maintained and never shared with unauthorized individuals or websites.

The Privacy Act of 1993 protects both the client and the psychic. When you join up for the site, you can ensure that your data will be kept private. You won't have to worry about a third group gaining access to your personal information or receiving spam mail. It's a secure and safe way to get a reading without leaving the comfort of your home.


  • Blog with new articles on well known and interesting subjects
  • Complementary 5 minutes
  • Availability of various methods to communicate with psychics
  • Selection of psychics according to different categories


  • No cell phone app to stay connected
  • No complimentary horoscopes, unlike other psychic's websites

2. Kasamba: experienced live psychics


Kasamba's website is simple and signing up requires just a few steps. All you need is an email account to begin. You establish a name and password after selecting the "Sign Up" button at the top of the page, and then you're willing to take benefits of your 70% discount.

The website's architecture makes it simple to identify a psychic by studying the type of reading you want. You can choose a category and a subcategory from the top navigation bar. It also features top-rated psychics and allows you to sort by expertise, price, and even availability.

Kasamba has been doing this since 1999, and over 3 million people have used it to find solutions and interact with spiritual advisors. When Kasamba employs the best psychics, it asks for credentials and qualifications the same way any other firm would.

Hundreds of reviews have given the site a 93 percent satisfaction rating. Surprisingly, it's nearly impossible to discover low-rated physics or negative comments. I can only believe this is due to Kasamba's rapid removal of underperforming psychics.

The website also offers a money-back guarantee. If this is your first time conversing with a psychic and you are dissatisfied with their expertise, it will return your money.

Kasamba is a great one-stop store for 'psychic mediums near me' with plenty of special discount minutes to give them a try. While a few were hesitant to utilize the site because of the excessive charges, others were pleased with the quality of psychics and the ability to preserve high consumer standards.


Call or Chat once you've found a psychic you'd like to speak with. It's worth noting that not every psychic has both buttons. Kasamba psychics have the option of delivering readings in a variety of ways.

So, while all psychics are accessible through chat, not all of them provide phone readings. If a psychic is engaged with some other client or unavailable, you can choose to be notified when they become available again.

When you click the Let's Chat button, you'll be sent to a new screen where you'll need to input your card information to continue. Kasamba provides new consumers with three complimentary minutes of talk time with each psychic they try.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to use these three free minutes until you've supplied your payment details. Once your complimentary minutes have expired, the site will begin charging your credit card.

Rather than clicking "Let's Chat," you can interact with your psychic before paying them by selecting their username. This will take us to their account, where we can learn more about their background and expertise.

We can also read what other customers have said about them. Another option is under the "Let's Chat" button, which says "Request a Reading." Selecting this option will take you to a page where you can compose a note to the psychic. This is a wonderful time to tell about the literature you're seeking and some specifics about your circumstance.

There's the possibility of specifying how much you're prepared to spend on this psychic's skills. This is the most intriguing feature for many because it allows you to pay a cheaper amount than the psychic's quoted pricing. It is up to psychics whether or not they take your offer. It costs you nothing to send this request.

You will not obtain any insights from a psychic if you give them the queries you want to be answered. It does, however, give the psychic the chance to present whether or not they can supply the information you need. It also allows you to assess if they're a perfect fit.

Kasamba features a phone application that is incredibly user-friendly and navigable compared to its desktop version. One of the advantages of the application is that you can tap on a psychic's score and read a lot more comments than you can on the desktop site. In people's opinion, this function alone makes the application worth installing before connecting with a psychic.


  • It has a diversity of psychics to opt for
  • It has very easy access
  • The price range is reasonable
  • Offers interpretation on various subjects


  • No video call option is available
  • Refunds are available only in the form of credits
  • Psychics do not offer all the reading options

3. Purple Garden: high rated advisors


Purple Garden is a phone psychic reading website and app that offers video, chat, and voice readings from some of the nation's most dependable, trustworthy, and reliable psychics. Purple Garden, accessible for iOS and Android, provides quick access to intelligent solutions to life's urgent issues concerning love, wealth, careers, dead loved ones, and more.

You can subscribe to Purple Garden on either the website or the application. Customers can register for the website by clicking "Sign In" in the top corner. Then, if you don't already have one, select "Don't have an account?" to make one.

To even explore the psychics and sign into Purple Garden, you'll need to establish a profile for the application. You can use Facebook, Apple, Google, or an email id to establish an account. To use Apple, Facebook, or Google, you must accept Purple Garden's Terms & Conditions, including the site's tracking. You'll need to invent a fresh password to log in with email.

An email address, as well as a strong password, is required to create a profile. You must enter a full name, location, phone number, plus private payment details once you wish to buy credits for a session. PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards are all accepted at Purple Garden.

You must be logged into your profile to schedule a session with a Purple Garden best psychic. Choose a reader and then select the icon for the sort of literature you want to do (chat, phone, video). If an icon is grey or can't be tapped, that reading method isn't available now.

A green button means that the reading method is immediately available. A green ring in the upper left will indicate the advisor's accessibility. A red dot at the bottom indicates that the reader is now working with another customer, while a grey dot shows that the advisor is unavailable. There is no way of connecting with a reader who is preoccupied.

You can, though, create a reminder for when the mystic becomes accessible again when you are offline. First, click on the counselor's profile image to establish an alert, then click the chime icon on the top right corner of their account.

Once you're done, press "Done" to finish selecting the reading kind for which they'd want to get a notification. A notice will be sent when the consultant is available, although the timing will vary depending on their routine.


Purple Garden psychic predictions include tarot readings, relationship counseling, astrology, palm reading and horoscopes, oracle guidance, dream analysis, and angel insights are main reading categories.

Some subcategories that readers specialize in are spiritual counseling, pendulum reading, twin flame readings, life coaching, chakra cleansing, mediumship, clairsentient, clairvoyance, and vigor healing.

Purple Garden psychics need to submit a video reading like a certification to be employed. There is no genuine screening mechanism beyond that, and Purple Garden admits that You cannot assure correctness. Psychics wishing to become Purple Garden readers must first acquire the Purple Ocean application (the sister site to Purple Garden).

Consultants must make a profile on the application and include their legal name, residence, and mobile number to be identified. They must also share their PayPal account data to be compensated for their services. All advisors must include a real photo of themselves (no icons or drawings) on their profiles and an introductory video and a description of the skills they provide.

After completing the profile, aspiring readers must construct and submit an example video called reading for assessment. Purple Garden will then inform the psychic whether or not they have been chosen.

The psychic advisor is responsible for ensuring that their account is acceptable, that all details are correct, and that the material appropriately reflects their qualifications.


  • Reputable website
  • A wide diversity of psychics are available
  • Video readings available
  • Easy and clean to use interface


  • Nonavailability of free reading
  • No blog or information

4. Keen: for your love questions


Sadly, Keen Psychics does not provide much data on how they select psychics for their website, so you will have to rely on client reviews. Furthermore, all dealings are private, so psychics will not see your details until you provide them.

One characteristic that distinguishes Keen Psychics is the many psychics and specialty readings. In addition to browsing psychic accounts without making an account, prospective customers can talk with their favorite psychic for three minutes at little or no cost.

Also, if you're having trouble finding the proper psychic, the Psychic Match tool might be really useful. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Keen, and I urge you to give it a try if it is your first 50th reading.


General physic reading, love and relationship reading, life questions, tarot card reading, spiritual readings, and other categories such as the readings listed above are the most common in the Keen Psychics menu.

However, you may be more precise if you want to. Other categories include Financial Outlook, Psychic Mediums, Astrology Readings, Angel Readings, Pet Psychics, and Aura Cleansing, to name a few. Having so many choices can be daunting, making it tough to make any choice. Fortunately, the Keen Psychic Matching tool can help you narrow down your options.

Keen Psychics will connect you with your greatest matches by asking how you're doing, the assistance you want, and the precise tools and methods you're engaged in. You can also specify how clear and honest your psychic should be. Most of Keen's psychics with a 4-star score or higher have a better chance of being correct.

Because the site shows all evaluations (both positive and bad), you can quickly assess how reliable a prospective psychic is. All of the psychics' accounts on Keen are also extremely extensive, providing you with all the data you require to make the best choice possible. People also utilized the Psychic Matching tool to help them pinpoint the search faster — it's a great feature.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Three free minutes for newbie
  • Diversity of specialties available


  • Renowned psychics can be expensive
  • No video reading is available

5. Asknow: offers gifted phone psychic advisors 

p6.PNG has become one of the top famous psychic websites since 2005, and it is considered to be at the summit of the spiritual realm.

Other AskNow psychic evaluations claim that it is a reputable website that links customers with the best acclaimed psychic consultants specializing in various fields. Some customer reviews include interactions with psychics that were not a perfect fit for them and those who gave shady advice.

AskNow has addressed this problem by urging users to utilize the website's search feature to identify psychics who fulfill their particular criteria for the ideal AskNow experience. The site and app for AskNow are simple to use and navigate.

The firm has a long history, and its connection includes some talented and gifted psychics. According to reviews, most of these experts appear authentic and trustworthy.

However, it is recommended that you read some of the small print before signing up for a plan.


There's also some tiny print that had users doubt their credibility.

Users to AskNow's website can ask for a free query. This is set in a large, bold font. Sadly, it is only complimentary if you buy an initial package, according to the small print. There was even some small print that needed to be read.

This appears to be slightly deceptive to a first-time customer. Logically, certain people would take benefit from such an opportunity. But isn't it possible that they should rephrase this offer?

On the bright side, they provide a 24-hour helpline if you need support or have issues during registration or a reading.

In the psychic world, love and romance readings are quite popular. Various specialized AskNow experts can help you determine if someone is your soulmate or provide general advice on heart matters.

A few of AskNow's psychic consultants are primarily interested in readings about love and affairs. This is comforting since it indicates you'll get excellent counsel from someone having expertise in this field.

Financial affairs can generate a great deal of anxiety or provide perfect independence. A reputable psychic consultant's sound guidance can assist with preparation and issues-solving. You'll need an expert psychic who can provide practical and direct counsel for this.


  • Umpteen psychics available through online chat and phone
  • Complimentary daily horoscope
  • Easy access for iPhone users


  • No video consultation
  • Costly compared to other psychic website

How we choose these online psychic sites: for an accurate future read

The best part is that you can do all of it from the comfort of your very house. Connect with skilled psychics via text message, face time, or web chat with your selected psychic on your smartphone, laptop, or landline. It is a big shift in this field because many people are afraid of meeting with a psychic or don't have the period to do so.

Getting a psychic interpretation is now cooler than ever, plus you may do so in the comfort of your own home.

You can select your preferred reading style to guarantee that you get precisely what you want. It's entirely up to you whether you want to be empathetic, straightforward, expressive, insightful, or wise. You can receive as much or as little material as you like. So, if you're looking for clarity on a problem, you can tell the psychic. Otherwise, if you'd like to get deeper into your interpretation, you can do so.

After using Mysticsense, customers have given astounding and wonderful reviews about this best online psychic site. They found the best read which fit their choices and relished using the website. The cherry on the top is when mystic Sense very diligently takes care of the private information of its users, which has to be one of the crucial aspects that a customer might look into before opting for this site.

Kasamba is a wonderful alternative if you're sick of filtering through unskilled psychics who don't know how to use a tarot deck. Its 20 years of practice and stringent psychic vetting process ensure that you only get the greatest psychic advisors. For every occasion, you may locate a psychic with a wide range of psychic reading areas like astrology, forecasts, career, tarot readings, runes, and dream interpretation. Kasamba has someone provided to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you won't have to wait much for reading. So if you're not certain if Kasamba is perfect for you, give it a shot; you won't be disappointed.

Purple Garden is a specialized mobile application that aims at providing truth-seekers with high-quality online psychic readings. The benefit of this smartphone application is that it connects you directly to a vast network of authorized psychics. Purple Garden specializes in inconvenience, providing both taped and live best psychic readings. One should consider investing in this website. People loved using this website.

Keen is among the best psychic reading websites for a purpose, and it's one of people's go-tos when they need to talk about several most private matters. There are a variety of psychic reading genres and instruments to pick from, and the psychologists are skilled, accurate, and caring. Keen Psychics will offer you readings over the cellphone or via web chat - the latter is more intimate and allows the psychic to understand and interact with you.

One of Keen's web page's best things is its 100 percent gratification guarantee. Unless you're not pleased with your consultation, you can ask for a credit to use on a future study on the website, which is exactly what I did. The procedure was simple, and people got my credits in less than 48 hours, which they used to book a reading with a new psychic.

AskNow has been in business for over fifteen years and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. AskNow will give you five spare minutes if users don't have a good encounter with your first psychic. Compared to other sites' contentment guarantees, five free mins is not a 100 percent assurance. What if your browsing takes more than 5 minutes?

How do you use these psychic websites?

Let's take the Keen Psychics website as a standard example. Without looking at how to use the website, no Keen psychics evaluation would be complete. If you first arrive at Keen Psychics, the browsing is easy, and you may begin looking for a psychic who suits your requirements right away. Before you start, you must first create a Keen Psychics account.

Luckily, the registration process is fairly simple. The site asks for an email address, a password, and information on how you found out about it. After you've filled out that data, you may look over a few psychic suggestions, their most recent blogs, and some how-to tutorials – a terrific extra if this is your initial psychic reading.

You can use any credit or debit card and your PayPal account to fund your Keen Psychics account. You will not be billed until you have chosen reading and the call or chat has begun. Choose one of the topics from the Consultants menu at the top of the front page to find a reader.

You can now look through the psychic reader alternatives available to you. By looking at their rating, you can check how many evaluations each person has, how many interpretations they've done, and how old they've been members of the Keen Psychics group. You can also see how much they pay per minute and how you can contact them. You will also display your remaining amount on your profile screen.

You may view the entire profile of the greatest psychic consultant by tapping on their name. Most psychic accounts on Keen Psychics include extensive information about the reader's skills, instruments, and readings method. Other profiles offer very little information. If the reader you'd like to talk with isn't available, you can set up a call or a chat with them. The first three minutes are complimentary for new Keen Psychics customers. You then can top up your account with additional funds depending on how much you wish to speak with a psychic guide and their charge.

Psychic mediums are the new wellness coaches

In other terms, Kellee White, a registered psychotherapist and psychic medium, define a medium as "somebody capable of speaking with spirits in the other world." Mediums, despite popular belief, don't communicate with the deceased. White explains, "There is no such stuff as ghosts."

Many people believe the phrases are equivalent, but that isn't the case. "There is just a shift from the real entity to the divine being...and psychic mediums are conscious and instinctive enough to feel, hear and see details from the other world."

"Mediums may elevate their frequency to a level that allows them to connect with the other world," White explains. "Psychics can convey knowledge about the history, future or present, but not communications from either side" however, "clairs" get stronger communications generally, i.e., clairvoyants can see, clairaudients can hear well, and clairsentients can feel clearly.

Psychic near me: Gifted Mediums, Tarot Readers, and Psychics

If you've ever searched the Web for "clairvoyants near me," you may have discovered that finding a decent local psychic, medium, or card reader is difficult. The top psychics are abandoning in-person consultations to join famous online psychic groups. Psychics can communicate with customers wanting a psychic session by phone, online, webcam, or email through online psychic platforms.

Here are some other explanations for 'why internet psychics near me' are superior to in-person readings.

You have exposure to a few of the top readers globally, but you also have exposure to a few of the greatest psychics in your area.

All clairvoyant readers are screened for authenticity and accuracy by online psychic forums. Online psychic consultations are as reliable as in-person readings. It's less scary, making it simpler, honest, and open with your reader.

Regrettably, not every online psychic is made equal. To assist you in making your decision, we examined the leading website clairvoyant of 2021 to determine that they are reliable and provide the most quality.

Those mentioned above are the greatest chat psychic reading businesses that give free minutes and inexpensive costs if you seek a better option for psychics or mediums near me.

Free and cheap psychic readings: Know what your future holds in less!

While conventional in-person clairvoyant readings have been ongoing for years, technology improvements have led to many online spiritual reading platforms. Free clairvoyant reading sites and apps are not always handy, but they are also a lot more economical, and you wouldn't have to go to a specific advisor.

Although the services provided by remote psychic interpretation apps are typically inexpensive, not all can hire a personal reading session with a trained psychic.

There's no need to be concerned if you don't have the financial means to engage in professional psychic readings. Fortunately, numerous amazing applications provide free clairvoyant and Card readings. Each of the apps listed below will provide you with one free psychic question.

Psychics 24/7 App, Tarot Eagle App, Tarot Fox App, etc.

Take away

The need for life guidance from exceptional psychic readers is greater than ever in these extraordinary times. With the best psychic reading, people can more easily comprehend what the future brings for individuals and how to effectively navigate the always shifting energies forming our route into the coming days.