• WTKR/WGNT TV Internship ProgramNews 3's internship program provides students interested in a career in broadcasting with a meaningful, hands-on learning experience through internship programs designed to augment classroom study. We will offer three internship sessions per calendar year. The internship program will pay an hourly minimum wage and can also be for college credit. A maximum of two candidates will be selected each session. Interns are limited to one internship per calendar year. You will be assigned to one station sponsor for the duration of the internship.

    Internship Sessions (limited to one session per calendar year)
    • Fall (8-12 Weeks - Deadline to Apply is July 15)
    • Spring (8-12 Weeks - Deadline to Apply is November 1)
    • Summer (8-12 Weeks - Deadline to Apply is April 15)

    Internship Eligibility
    • Must be 18 or older and registered student in good standing at an accredited college or university.
    • Must be able to work the hours required by the department.
    • Students can receive university or college credit for participating in this program but need to handle paperwork involved.

    Our Internship Philosophy

    Provide robust, meaningful internship experience, where students energize the workforce with fresh ideas and perspectives and in turn have the opportunity to be inspired by the passionate work that is delivered each day across Scripps Media.

    Internship Application

    Internship application, letter of recommendations, etc. should be emailed to Once the application is submitted, intern candidates will have a personal interview, and participation in the program will be determined at that time. In addition to completing the internship application, students are required to apply online via Scripps' career portal, click here to search openings.