New Oceanfront parking meters take credit cards, give receipts

Posted at 3:30 PM, Mar 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-01 15:44:04-04
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

Virginia Beach, Va. – Parking at the Oceanfront just got easier.

Starting April 1, all city parking meters, lots, and garages will accept credit cards.

No more juggling quarters and dimes in your pocket – unless you want to pay in quarters and dimes. (That’s still OK, but no longer necessary.)

During the winter, the city installed two kinds of new meters at the resort. Most locations have multi-space meters. Just park, check your space number, punch it into the meter, insert a credit card or coins, choose how long you want to park and get a receipt. It’ll show the exact time when your meter expires. A few locations have individual meters that also accept credit cards.

All meters are solar powered – no electrical costs. And with the receipt, you’ll never have to guess when your time runs out.

The city installed 10 of these meters last year, in an experiment to see how they’d work. Residents liked them, officials say. If you prefer a city lot or garage, attendants there also will take credit cards and give receipts. Rates have not changed.

Later this spring, the city will unveil two smart phone apps. One will let you pay for parking right from your phone – even if you’re on the beach or in a restaurant! The other will help you find available parking spots in real time.

For more information, contact David Fairbaugh, the city’s parking manager, at (757) 385-6666 or