Sales Team

This is a listing of the WTKR News 3 and WGNT CW 27 Sales Staff, ready to serve your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email.

  • Director of Sales: Cindi Dove 757-446-1312,

    Local Sales Manager: John Witte 757-446-1324,

    Local Sales Manager: John Daman 757-446-1320,

    Local Sales Manager: Kathy Rice 757-227-6443,

    National Account Manager: Kristin Mascitti 757-446-1313,

    Marketing & Research Director: Kristie Flynn 757-446-1348,

    Regional Account Executive: Chris Whitley 757-227-6440,

    Account Executives:

    Ilona Zaganczyk 757-446-1318,

    Ambler Hatchett 757-227-6441,

    Cindee Herrle 757-227-6444,

    Lynn Kelly 757-446-1315

    Maureen Bussey 757-446-1322,

    Diane Morris 757-227-6442,

    Melissa Harris 757-446-1319,

    Steve Goldsborough 757-446-1311,

    Patricia Smith 757-446-1308

    Pamela Jones 757-446-1347

    Sales Assistant: Donna Simmers 757-446-1310,

    Sales Assistant: Amy Sauerbrei-Kelly 757-446-1309,

    Sales Assistant: Gina Swanson 757-446-1304,

    Digital Coordinator: Lakeisha Goodman 757-227-6447,

    National Sales Fax: 757-622-0539

    Local Sales Fax: 757-446-1385

    Traffic Department: 757-623-5850