More people are buying and learning how to shoot guns in Currituck County

Posted at 7:06 PM, Dec 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-11 19:06:07-05

Currituck County, NC. - Concealed handgun courses in Northeastern North Carolina are doubling in attendance, just as more people are buying guns.

Friday afternoon, instructor Dexter Green takes a student and NewsChannel 3 out to an open field in Currituck County for a crash course in his concealed carry class. A class he once taught as a hobby is now becoming a full-time job.

"I went from the last couple of months to have 8-9 people in a class on average to now having 18-20 people per class," Green said.

His attendance is doubling and now he has to add more classes to fill the demand.

"With the things going on in the world right now, especially in the United States, a lot of people are kind of in fear," Green added. "They are looking for ways to defend themselves so I think that is definitely why we have the boost in sales right now.

It's a two-part class. One day is in the classroom, another is out shooting. Moyock resident Pam Ganster took it a few months ago.

"I wanted to familiarize myself because I've always been interested in owning a gun," Ganster said. "I think people still see women as targets, they see us as targets and we have to protect ourselves."

Not only are classes filling up, but gun sales are soaring at Gale Force Guns in Currituck County. It's hard for owner Sandra Sutton to keep up with the demand.

"Normally this time of year we are geared up for the holiday season anyway, but with all of the craziness going on the in the world right now there is a heightened vision," Sutton said. "They think that if they do take away the ARs, they want to buy them up now."

If you are interested in signing up for Green's concealed carry class you can do so at Gale Force Guns.