Icy roads force some schools to close for a third day

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 18:08:20-05

York County, Va. - For a third day, some area school systems were closed because of the weather Tuesday.

It was a decision that had some parents in York County sounding off on the school district's Facebook page.

One parent called the decision "ridiculous," saying that the roads were clear.

School officials tell NewsChannel 3 conditions were vastly different from one side of the county to the other.

"That's the main challenge for us because our county is long and narrow.  What we have on this end sometimes is much different from what you have in the Williamsburg area," said Dr. Carl James, chief operations officer for the York County School Division.

Butch Wilson, whose grandkids attend school in York County, said the same.  "This end of the county is a world of difference from the other end of York County.  We get a whole lot worse weather than they do down there."

The road where he lives was one of several still coated with snow and ice by mid-day Tuesday.

Nearby, Devonshire Drive in the Banbury Cross area was also in rough condition.

VDOT, which handles the county's roads, had crews out again Tuesday with plows and material to try to clear the neighborhoods still dealing with snow.  A spokesperson says they've benefited from the sun and warmer temperatures, but in some areas the snow and ice got compacted and is taking longer to clear.

School officials say they also had crews out working to clear school parking lots and sidewalks.

For now, some people who live along icy roads, say they're glad schools were closed again.

"It's probably a good idea.  Trying to get a school bus around in some of the developments up here - it's very unsafe," said Wilson.

A York County school spokesperson says they will be making up one of the three days they missed on Friday.  Students were originally supposed to be off that day.  They have not made any decisions about the other two days.

Exams will still take place this week, but will only be counted towards a student's grade if it will help them.

Williamsburg-James City County schools were also closed for a third day Tuesday.  They have not made any decisions about making up the days, but a school spokesperson says they may not need to since they have a significant amount of time banked already.

Right now, their focus is on putting together a new exam schedule, since exams were supposed to start Tuesday.  The exams will be optional for students.