Norfolk City Treasurer’s best friend takes the stand against him in corruption trial

Posted at 10:04 AM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 19:56:36-05

NORFOLK, Va. - Stunning testimony was heard on Wednesday in the case against Norfolk City Treasurer Anthony Burfoot as his best friend, Keith McNair took the stand against him.

McNair testified that he did not want to take the stand against his boss and best friend Burfoot but said he signed an immunity agreement to get himself out of trouble.

McNair works in the Treasurers Office and was hired by Burfoot in 2013.

The two men have been friends since college.

When asked by the federal prosecutor if McNair would believe Burfoot  under oath McNair paused and said, "This is really hard for me but no."

McNair testified that he and Burfoot went out to dinner with Ronnie Boone and Dwight Etheridge and he said they always paid for both him and Burfoot.

Andrew Sacks, Burfoot's attorney fought back saying that McNair gave contradicting testimony when he was in front of a grand jury three separate times and today in court.

McNair said he was lying before to try to protect his friend.

Sacks pointed out a medical condition that allegedly affects McNair's memory.

McNair testified he never saw Burfoot take cash from the key witnesses in the case.

Burfoot took the stand last Thursday, and Monday and Tuesday and said none of the accusations against him are true.

Prosecutors allege he was bribing local businessman and developers for years.

Wednesday, the defense rested their case.  Then McNair was brought up to the stand by federal prosecutors.

The case may now be in the hands of jury on Thursday. The judge has ruled that if the jury starts deliberating on Thursday, they can continue to deliberate on Friday. Throughout the past five weeks, court has not been in session on Fridays.

Federal prosecutors indicted Burfoot last January for perjury and political corruption charges. He is facing eight felony charges.