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Restaurant using social media to shame dine-and-dash customers

Posted at 2:37 PM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 14:37:22-05

A North Texas restaurant is using social media to shame dine-and-dashers into coming back and paying their tabs.

The Mansfield restaurant Our Place has had problems recently with people skipping out on the bill after enjoying a meal.

They’ve also used social media in the past to try and guilt those people into returning to the scene of the crime to pay up.

A Facebook post from this week captures two men, one of whom went to the car while the other pretended to use the restroom.

Our Place asked the two to come back and pay, but it’s not clear whether the men did or not.

The restaurant is no stranger to using social media to rally the public.

They made news a few years ago when a local attorney threatened to sue them over soup.

Attorney Dwain Downing, demanded $2.25 in damages and $250 in “attorney’s fees” for writing a letter to the restaurant after they ran out of soup, a side dish that was part of their lunch special.

When the restaurant said it was out of soup, he asked them to substitute an extra side dish or discount the meal, but was denied.

The attorney backed down after the restaurant told the story on Facebook and the post subsequently went viral.