Suffolk approves bid for Atlantic Coast Pipeline project

Posted at 8:09 AM, Sep 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-20 16:53:57-04

SUFFOLK, Va. — Suffolk City Council approved the building and bid for the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline that will go under the city on Wednesday.

The $50,000 bid was approved, allowing Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC (ACP) to occupy, build and operate an interstate natural gas transmission pipeline that will extend through the city from West Virginia to North Carolina. It is part of Dominion Energy's controversial pipeline initiative to bring 1.5 billion people natural gas for various purposes and 8,000 construction jobs.

According to officials and the bid submitted, the pipeline will pass under 30 Suffolk road crossings and two public property crossings that are former railroad right of ways.

Councilman Timothy Johnson, Councilman Michael Duman and Vice Mayor Leroy Bennett abstained from this public hearing topic due to being stockholders in Dominion Energy, which would have created a conflict of interests if they were to have voted Wednesday.

Among those at the city council meeting were protesters from around Hampton Roads who are concerned that the pipeline is not needed.

Those against the pipeline are stressing that the pipeline could create safety hazards and environmental concerns. One protester at the council meeting said she was concerned that the pipeline will run through her property in Suffolk.

Several Suffolk City Council members were particularly in favor of the pipeline for military support and economic development, according to officials.

In all areas of construction to lay the pipeline, agricultural and nonagricultural, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project director assured Suffolk City Council ACP will return the area back to the way it was originally.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced earlier this year he would add additional powers in an effort to protect the Commonwealth's clean water partially because of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline being built in the state.

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