Families of Colonial Parkway murder victims hold fund-raiser to boost reward money

Posted at 3:14 PM, Apr 12, 2010
and last updated 2012-03-01 11:50:46-05

The families of victims of the Colonial Parkway Murders held a fundraiser at Pop's Drive-In in York County on Sunday. Their goal: to raise more money for the reward fund in hopes that will convince someone to come forward and give them the answers they need.

More than 20 years ago four couples were murdered by a killer who prowled the Colonial Parkway and other nearby lonely roads.

The family members are keeping the memories of their loved ones alive after two decades of hoping to find the killer.

Chris Call's brother, Keith was on a first date with Cassandra Hailey when they crossed paths with the serial killer. 22 years later the killings are not forgotten.

"It just makes me feel like no one has forgot about it nor do they want to forget about it until it is solved."

The community is helping to keep the cases out front with Sunday's car show and entertainment. The money raised is an effort to get answers and possibly convince someone to come forward.

The tragic history is shared by Rosanna Sedivy. Her sister, Anna Maria Phelps and a friend were killed on the parkway.

"I hate that we are formed together because of this but it is nice to have the support."

Keith Call's family is also thanking NewsChannel 3 investigator Mike Mather for taking action.

After the 20 year old murder cases sat dormant in FBI files for years, our investigation last September revealed someone had leaked graphic crime scene photos.

After those reports aired state police vowed to use new forensic science on old evidence, when previously they said they could not justify spending more time or manpower on the cold cases.