Congressman Scott Rigell gets up-close look at mold in military housing

Posted at 11:09 AM, Dec 10, 2011

Congressman Scott Rigell saw for himself the living conditions in Lincoln Military Housing today on a tour with NewsChannel 3.

We were the only news cameras there as he listened to the horror stories of military families dealing with mold and water damage.

After touring three different complexes and meeting almost a dozen families, Rep. Rigell had his mind made up.

“What I saw this morning is very concerning because it’s clear there was mold,” says Rep. Rigell.  “That’s not right for our men and women and uniform. They shouldn’t have to worry about mold while keeping our country safe.”

During our travels, we also ran into Ryan Quillen, one of Lincoln’s regional managers.

Congressman Rigell was frank and honest about what he saw and what he thought about Lincoln’s actions.

Three senior officers from the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic toured with the congressman and also saw  first-hand what residents had to experience every day.

Today, Rear Admiral Kevin Slates commented on camera to NewsChannel 3, the first Navy official to do so since the beginning of our investigation.

“I saw today, talking to some of the families, seeing some of their pictures, hearing some of their frustration, not exactly what I expected,” says Slates. “Whatever anybody showed, I think they are credible. Some of the things they said caused me concern. I am going to take back to Lincoln leadership.”

But many of these families have asked ‘why now?’ Why did the navy only get involved and start investigating after NewsChannel 3’s reports aired?

“There isn’t a good answer for why we didn’t know beforehand,” says Slates.  “From our perspective on the Navy oversight, we are taking a hard look at our procedures and processes. Is there something we need to do differently? And I know Lincoln is doing the same thing.”

Rigell says he is pressing the Navy to make changes to the way they provide oversight on Lincoln housing.

“If you look at the fact that we are here today, and you look at the fact there are unacceptable levels of mold and lack of attention, it does indicate that we have to tighten up,” says Rigell.

These families are hoping with the congressman's visit, things will finally change for the better.