Friends and family remember Chesapeake police officer

Posted at 8:33 AM, Dec 21, 2011
Tragedy today for a Chesapeake family and the entire police department – Officer Tim Schock died during training.

The routine turned tragic this morning at Oak Grove Lake Park in Chesapeake, where dive team member Tim Schock died during a training exercise.

Medics arrived, but it was too late.

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The sad news quickly made its way to Fat Frogs Bike Store in Chesapeake, where Schock was a fixture in the cycling community.

“Very much missed, and such a big part of our atmosphere,” says Walter Gonzalez, a friend of Schock’s.

Schock was an avid cyclist, faithful to the sport and to his family – and always a joy to be around.

“He’d always have stories that just made everything fun. There was never, seemed to be a downer. Always had good things to say about everything,” Gonzalez added.

Chesapeake police say what caused Schock’s death is still under investigation.

When his friends at the bike store learned of his death, it wasn’t just hard to believe – it was unfathomable.

“The last person we’d expect it from, because of his experience levels and his fitness levels.”

The weekly Saturday group ride at Fat Frogs will have one less person, and a lot less personality.

To let the mourning process begin, and to pay tribute to their lost friend, they have the perfect idea:

“We try to do a couple charity rides a year and definitely this year we’re doing it in memorial of Tim Schock himself.”

The Tim Schock Memorial Ride is just in the preliminary stages of planning, but it’s set for Saturday, January 14, at the Fat Frogs Bike Shop off Hanbury Road in Chesapeake.

Proceeds from the ride will go to Schock’s family.