Mo’ Money Owner Says Be Patient, Tax Refund Checks Will Come

Posted at 1:13 PM, Feb 04, 2012


  • People say Mo’ Money Taxes is withholding their tax refunds after a delay in getting their checks
  • The owner claims the problem lies in a software glitch, but has been fixed
  • He assures people will get their tax refund check when the Internal Revenue Service releases it

(Memphis 02-04-12) – Mo’ Money owner Markey Grandberry wanted to set the record straight, after people in Memphis and 16 other states were getting delayed tax refunds through Mo’ Money Taxes.

“The last thing we want to do is to have America frantic, like some tax company has taken their money,” said Grandberry.

He added that the problem came down to a software glitch in the processing. He claims the refunds will come, but adds that no tax preparer, including Mo’ Money, can guarantee when.

“Even though some of my offices have [guaranteed them] and I’ve told them time and time again, do not guarantee a customer’s money,” said Grandberry. “You cannot guarantee a customer a check.”

Grandberry claims the Internal Revenue Service changed its electronic filing system in late January to help protect against fraud. That safeguard delayed checks by a week but also created problems for the taxes Mo’ Money had already sent to their processor.

“That is one of the reasons the processor was having so many problems because the returns were already gone,” said Grandberry. “They were already sent in with the wrong codes so they had to go back in and change the codes in the whole processing part of it.”

Grandberry claims the glitch is fixed. He says when the money is released, they’ll print the checks and distribute them. He says now it’s just a waiting game.

“Bear with Mo’ Money Taxes, MoneyCo  and any tax company,” said Grandberry. “Next week and the week after is going to be a big week for refunds because they will start to release a majority of those refunds.”

Grandberry says if you’re waiting on a refund check from them, check in with them after 3:00p on Monday. He says if you don’t get your check, they won’t get paid either.