Mo Money Customers Complain Across US, IRS Responds to Delays

Posted at 1:16 PM, Feb 06, 2012


  • Customers in several states are complaining about Mo Money Taxes.
  • Owner says it’s not just his tax offices with delayed refunds.
  • IRS says only early filers should have experienced delays.

(Memphis, 2/2/2012) “You will get your refund.”  That’s what the owner of Mo Money Taxes assured customers at a recent press conference.
The folks standing outside the office on Millbranch in Memphis say they’ve been waiting on their tax refunds for days. Kirby Evans says workers most recently directed her to the IRS website.

“And it tells me that my refund supposed to be here but I don’t have it,” says Evans.

She’s not alone.  There were long lines at a Mo Money location in Norfolk, Virginia, and in Chicago, customers say they can’t even get in the door.

“When we went there, when we went in the place, the place is dark, we walks in the door, no lights, no one in the place, like hello,” exclaims one customer from the Windy City.

Granberry also addressed this issue.

“We don’t corporately own all of the offices in the nation, but know that this is not a Mo Money, Money Co USA Taxes problem, this is a systematic problem.”

Granberry blamed a software glitch with the company’s processor and the IRS. Several weeks ago, IRS officials acknowledged that some early filers may have delayed refunds.

We contacted them and asked specifically about Mo Money, and the overall delays.

The IRS won’t comment on specific preparers, but in reference to the refunds said, “…Some customers will receive refunds approximately one week later than initial projections. This delay only affects early filers. Taxpayers whose returns were accepted by the IRS on or after Jan. 26 will not experience the delay.”

I also reached out to companies including Jackson Hewitt and H and R Block.  Both emailed statements referencing the IRS delays with early filers only. We visited one office where the manager says other than those, they’ve had no other problems.

So why the complaints about Mo Money?

“I say hey, we the talk of the town. Hey, you know if we doing the majority of taxes in 17 states, you know of course you’re gonna get 5 to 10 customers per office to say, I’m being delayed,” adds Granberry.

We did talk to at least two Mo Money customers Monday who said they’ve gotten their refunds, and been able to cash the checks.