Mo Money Customers Get Refund, Others Still Waiting

Posted at 1:17 PM, Feb 06, 2012


  • Some Mo Money customers have cashed tax refund checks successfully.
  • More customers complain about wait time.
  • Owner blames IRS and software glitch.

(Memphis, 2/2/2012) “I thought this was a nightmare, this is crazy,” says Mo Money customer Jeanette Davis.
The wait continues for Davis and other customers standing outside Mo Money, hoping to get their tax refund.

“Check back at 6 o’clock, check back at 8 o’clock, check back another day, I’m tired of the frustration,” exclaims Davis.

The business’s owner apologized in a recent press conference.

Markey Granberry blamed a combination of problems from an IRS delay to a software glitch with their processor.

“If some office of mine told you that hey, your refund will be here on blase, blase day, just know that that’s what they expected,” explains Granberry.

He adds, “You will get your refund, you will get your refund, we cannot hold by the Internal Revenue standards, regulations, your refund.”

We met one customer who did in fact get a refund, she didn’t want to be on camera, but we followed her to First Tennessee where she said she was able to cash it.

I also spoke to another customer who says she cashed her check at a local liquor store.

Some still say though, it doesn’t seem quite right.

“So they can take it to First Tennessee, being charged to cash those checks, it’s ridiculous,” Davis says.

“I don’t even have a problem with their software being gone, it’s about communication, and it’s about communicating, telling these people who money you have tied up exactly what’s going on,” says customer Kirby Evans.