Angry taxpayers demand refunds from ‘Mo Money’

Posted at 1:19 PM, Feb 07, 2012
CHICAGO— Confusion and uncertainty continue to swirl around tax preparation service “Mo Money”.

Customers gathered outside a South Side office today in hopes of receiving the tax refunds they were promised.

Some of the taxpayers said they stood in line for hours today. Many have been coming to the same locations for weeks, trying to get the refunds owed to them.
“I work too hard for my money, too hard,” taxpayer Anthony Thompson told WGN. “They should be able to shut this company down and deposit these people’s money and close this business down. This is wrong.”

With most of the North and West Side locations closed, the “Mo Money” office at 1253 West 63rd Street seems to be the only one passing out checks.

“This is the only one open on a daily basis, giving out a few checks a day,” said taxpayer Martell Foster.

Although some of the checks are being passed out, banks and currency exchanges are reluctant to cash the checks for fear they will bounce.

One woman told WGN that her refund was deposited into her bank account, but it was $1,000 short of what she was told earlier.

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office tells WGN it has received only six complaints so far. Some of the people we spoke with outside the “Mo Money” office say they have gone to police stations and have filed complaints there.

The Attorney General’s Office says the investigation is ongoing.