Angry taxpayers gather outside of Mo’ Money Taxes demanding refund

Posted at 1:21 PM, Feb 07, 2012

NORFOLK, Va. (WTKR) Hundreds people were outside of a Norfolk business demanding their money. They had Mo' Money Taxes prepare their returns this year, but many of them are still waiting on their refunds.

Dozens of taxpayers were told by employees at the company that their refund hadn't been processed yet and to come back on Friday.

Some people have gone to the building on Granby Street several times since they filed their taxes, but haven't seen a cent of their refunds.

“I hope they get locked up. This is ridiculous. They`re playing with people`s money, social security cards, ID. They have people`s account numbers,” complained one of the customers.

A few people did leave with a refund check, but not for the full amount they were promised.  The banks were closed by the time they received them so they have not had a chance to see if they would clear.

Many customers complained that their last set of taxes bounced.

While Norfolk Police officers tried to control the crowds Monday night, Captain Wayne McBride tried to get to the bottom of more and more problems with Mo Money.

He says the employees are cooperating and he hopes the possible victims will get their money as they were promised.