Mo’ Money customers still waiting on checks

Posted at 11:37 AM, Feb 13, 2012

A Mo’ Money customer walked to Saint Columba asking for help with her light bill.

It’s a walk Angela Easter, a mother of three, thought she'd never have to make.

“Trying to figure out how to get my bills paid,” says Angela.

But they told her they just can't help her right now.

She filed her tax returns with Mo’ Money Taxes last month. She should have received her $9, 000 in returns weeks ago.

Now that her job has cut her to ten hours a week, she needs the money more than ever.

“Where we gonna lay our head when they cut these lights off?” says Angela.

Mo’ Money CEO Markey Granberry, who was a no-show in Norfolk on Friday, said that checks would be sent to Norfolk customers that day.

Today, Angela and dozens more haven't seen one yet.

“They came here and they did a lot of damage. It's a lot of people hurting right now,” says  Angela.

Ronnie Parker did get a check from Mo’ Money, but there's a few problems.

No bank or check-cashing business would touch it.

“He's handing out checks that's not worth anything,” says Parker.

Secondly, it’s far from the amount Mo’ Money estimated.

He says he was promised $3, 086 but his check was only $506.

He also says that social security sent him a letter saying their records showed he received $2,263 back in income taxes and they were taking $1,048 out.

Despite similar problems at Mo’ Money locations across the country, Granberry continues to blame it on a computer glitch between him and the IRS.

But a Norfolk police investigation reveals customers’ tax refunds may have been deposited in employees’ accounts.

While Angela tries to figure out how to keep the lights on in her home, she knows how she'll keep her faith.