NewsChannel 3 takes action to make sure Norfolk is pronounced correctly at NCAA tournament

Posted at 7:55 PM, Mar 14, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-14 21:13:04-04

Nothing could contain the excitement the moment the Norfolk State Spartans learned they were headed to the NCAA tournament. Not even the mispronunciation of the school’s name, nor-folk.

NewsChannel 3’s Barbara Ciara set out on a journey to make sure the sports announcers get it right, so NSU’s Men’s Basketball Team can enjoy its time in the national spotlight.

Barbara settled the debate right outside city hall.

So how do we make sure the sports announcers get it right?

NewsChannel 3’s Laila Muhammad spoke with ESPN Sportscenter’s anchor Jay Harris about the issue.

Harris is a native and an ODU graduate.

With all those roots right here in the mermaid city, this is one sportscaster who should know how to pronounce it right?

After Jay helped Laila fill out her bracket for March Madness on the WGNT show, she put him on the spot.

“A lot of folks wondering if the announcers will get Norfolk State right in terms of how to pronounce it. You’re from here, how do you say it?” asked Laila.

“It’s Norfolk, I know how to pronounce it,” said Jay.

“I have already sent out the email telling people it’s not Nor-folk, it’s the other way,” he said.

Jay says the key to getting it right, is to say it quickly.