Sail boat runs aground in Norfolk

Posted at 10:34 AM, Mar 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-03-27 10:34:23-04

NORFOLK – Strong winds and choppy waters caused a sailboat to run aground in East Beach.

“I’ve never seen any accidents in the entrance channel, boats go in and out of there all day long,” says Albertolli.

The boat almost looks like it’s a big wind gust away from falling over. Before this happened, Albertolli heard the people on board on the radio asking for help.

“I heard ’em, the guys on the boat talking to SETO about maybe they are trying to pull the boat out,” he says.

It happened a little after four. The boat hit the rocks and the Coast Guard and Norfolk Fire crews rushed in to get everyone out.

“I saw those three folks in the boat, three individuals were on the boat and the fire department helped them come out of the boat and go ashore,” he says.

Given the harsh conditions, the thought of going out today probably should have remained a pipedream for the boaters. In the swallow water, every wave seems to make it bounce a little harder against the rocks.

“That boat is struck in the ground over there and I was hoping that they can salvage it,” he says.

And if that’s not done soon, Albertolli worries it could get really bad.

“What if it breaks up and you have an environmental issue with the diesel of whatever it is? And I hope it doesn’t happen. I just cannot believe here it is dark and there’s nobody there taking care of that boat,” he says.