New NASA image brings back smelly memories

Posted at 7:59 PM, Apr 11, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-11 22:05:42-04

New satellite images just released by NASA will bring back some bad, smelly memories for all of us in Hampton Roads and northeastern North Carolina.  A massive wildfire in the Pinhook Swamp is sending thick plumes of smoke across north Florida and southern Georgia. The fire was sparked by a lightning strike less than a week ago and has already scorched 25,000 acres.  That same satellite image reveals several more small fires burning in South Carolina.

It’s been less than five months since firefighters finally put out the Great Dismal Swamp fire that sent noxious smoke across our region for 111 days.  Do the fires to our south hint at another bad wildfire season?  Possibly.  We could certainly use more rain.  We’re more than four inches below our normal yearly rainfall, and spring has already been unusually dry.

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Patrick Rockey
NewsChannel 3 Chief Meteorologist