Jogger attacked in Virginia Beach

Posted at 9:25 PM, Apr 11, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-11 21:25:56-04

A bloody face, gashes to her forehead, and bruises to her right side were the end results of a beating taken by Caitlin Addams Tuesday night in the Kempsville section of Virginia Beach.

"I just tried to cover my face and just kept thinking I’m almost home. I’m like, just get home get home," says Addams.

Caitlin says she was on the last leg of her jog around 9:30 in the evening. She was about 100 yards away from home when the heart-pounding exercise became heart-pounding terror.

"First thing that happened was I got hit in the back of the head; it almost knocked me down. I kind of caught myself on my hands, and I just felt getting slammed in the face pretty hard," says Addams. "Everything happened so fast, and I just kept getting hit in the face. I got a cut up here, cut over here, my lip got busted open. I got another cut on my ear."

During the attack that she says lasted just seconds, Addams says the three suspects only got away with an iPod that was on her arm.

"It was an older generation iPod— probably only worth 30 or 40 dollars now," she says.

But that 30 or 40 dollar value cost her lots of pain.

"I went to the hospital last night had a chest x-ray because I took a pretty nice shot to the ribs. Nothing broke there and then had a CT scan," says Addams.

So as police search for the three suspects, who Addams says got into a car and drove off, the injuries and visions of that attack will stay with her.

"It definitely is gonna make me more cautious anytime I walk out to my car, no matter where I am," says Addams.