Several break-ins reported in Green Meadow Point neighborhood

Posted at 1:02 AM, Apr 12, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-12 03:30:56-04

Ronnie and Becky Weeks say Chesapeake cop cars are now a staple on their streets after more than 16 break-ins around their Green Meadow Point neighborhood in Western Branch.

“It’s been pretty traumatic— wonder if they are going to come back for things they might have overlooked,” says the unidentified woman.

A woman didn't want to show her face, but she talked to NewsChannel 3 about the day she realized she had been the thieves’ latest target. Heirloom jewelry, coin collections, and handguns were all take after she left the house to run a quick errand.

“Mostly, you feel violated that someone had made it into your home where you thought things would be safe and protected,” says the woman.

Neighbors say the burglars had a well-thought out plan—knocking on doors to see which homes were empty.

If a resident came to the door, they were looking for a lost cat. If there was no answer, they would hit.

“He goes into garages, houses, broken into some cars and takes small items that you can carry,” says Ronnie. “For the 38 years we've lived here, haven’t locked our house out of the 37 of them. We just are being very careful now.”

After weeks of crime after crime, a big break in the case came Tuesday. Chesapeake police cars flooded the neighborhood after residents reported the suspects were back trying to hit more houses.

“Everywhere you looked, there were police cars, just sitting in here all the time,” says Becky. “It was really exciting but scary, too.”

Chesapeake police confirm several people were detained and at least one was arrested.

They are still trying to connect the suspects to each of the break-ins.

Residents can only hope the worst is over.

“I think we have a great sense of relief and all of our neighbors do, too,” says the unidentified woman.