After the jet crash:Survivors try to start fresh

Posted at 11:35 PM, May 07, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-07 23:35:01-04

A month ago, it could have been one of the deadliest disasters in Hampton Roads.  A Navy jet slammed into a Beach apartment complex.  No one, however, was seriously hurt.

Now people who called the Mayfair Mews apartment complex home are still trying to get their lives back to normal.

For a month now, Robin Twisdale and her husband Ben Dishner have called a hotel home. But every night, they go back to the Mayfair Mews Apartments.

"When I lay down and go to sleep at night, I close my eyes. I go though coming out of the building I was working in, running toward the house trying to figure out how I`m going to get into this rubble, the explosions," says Ben.

Ben did not only lose everything he owned that day, he also lost his job.  He was the maintenance man at the Beach apartment complex.

"I don`t care what anybody says.  They can call it luck, they can call it pilot skill, I call it God," Ben says.

The couple is trying to move on, but it is hard.

Finally, a month later, things are starting to get back in order.  They just signed a lease on a new home.

"It's not around the base, so that`s a good thing. You still hear them but, not like over here where it's constant and further away you feel a little bit safer."

When they move in on Wednesday, they say they can start fresh.  They will even bring home a new puppy to keep their minds off of all they left behind in that fiery crash.

"Even though we lost everything we had, it was a good Friday because I could`ve been in there, she could of very easily been in there," says Ben.

Those who didn't lose everything to that crash could move back in as soon as Thursday.