Neglected animals to stay on property of accused owner in Dinwiddie County

Posted at 9:31 PM, May 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-21 21:31:48-04

What will happen to malnourished horses found on a farm in Dinwiddie County?

The owner admitted she did not provide adequate care for her animals and gave up her rights to keep the horses and other animals.

But for now, all of the animals will remain on her property.

Sara Johnson left the Dinwiddie County Courthouse not commenting on what had taken place inside just moments before. 

The list includes more than 50 horses, a handful of donkeys and goats as well as more than 2 dozen dogs.

Commonwealth's Attorney Lisa Caruso says an agreement was reached shortly before going to court.

"She has agreed to forfeit the animals. The animals are to remain on her property until suitable homes have been able to be located for them," says Caruso.

While Johnson will be allowed to care for the animals as they remain on her property, Dinwiddie Animal Control will continue to oversee the care and continue to provide food and water which has already made a difference for some of the animals.

It was one week ago, Dinwiddie Animal Control first went to the home on White Oak Road. Within two days, they had all of the animals in place and they started to provide food, water, and medical assistance to them. 

The signed order also has Johnson reimbursing the county for the money it has spent caring and providing for her animals.