Local Sales Manager

Posted: 5:29 PM, May 29, 2012
Updated: 2012-05-29 17:29:24-04
Local Sales Manager

Job Title:     Local Sales Manager                                     

Station:        WTKR-TV Norfolk, VA

Reports To:   General Sales Manager

Purpose/reason for this Position:

The primary focus of the sales manager is to achieve the stations over all sales budgets by managing and enhancing the skills of an aggressive national rep firm and the local sales staff. The local sales staff and national rep offices will be split into two groups. It is the responsibility of each manager to maximize the revenue from contractual business. This will take strong knowledge of ratings, inventory, and a keen ability to negotiate contractual business.

Core Job Functions:

  • Manage the local sales team to achieve the stations local budget.
  • Assist the marketing and convergence sales manager to achieve the Web, special projects, new business and production budgets.
  • Plan and project future growth of revenue and personnel for national and local sales goals.
  • Establish and implement strategic plans for the national and local sales teams.
  • Develop and implement plans, new products and effective sales presentations to generate business.
  • Evaluate the local sales team.
  • See that the local sales people know how to best sell the station.
  • Make sales calls with the local sales staff.
  • Manage and control expenses.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Help manage inventory and control rates.
  • Help create estimates and projections.
  • Create station one sheets.
  • Work with the salespeople to improve the DSO.
  • Write monthly report.
  • Supervise the local sales staff to see that each person is performing to their maximum level.
  • Train sales team on a continuous basis.
  • Keep records on new business, special projects and an updated account list.
  • Back up the other sales manager.
  • Work with other departments to achieve all station projects.
  • Evaluate the national sales assistant and local salespeople who report to you.
  • See that national and local orders are approved and booked correctly.
  • Resolve national make goods quickly and see that the local salespeople resolve make goods quickly.

Minimum Knowledge Skills & Abilities:

Experience in managing a national rep firm and a local television sales staff is desired.  Ability to direct a professional sales staff in achieving sales goals.  Excellent written, oral and presentation skills plus a strong knowledge of ratings, inventory management, national clients and a keen ability to negotiate contractual business.  Must possess a valid State Driver’s License (or be able to get one).  Individual must also have computer skills and knowledge of the internet.

Education Requirements:

Four year degree preferred. Minimum of five years of sales experience in television or related industry.

Physical Requirements:

Eyesight to do sales research and verbal skills used in conversation.  Ability to drive vehicle.  Dexterity to operate keys and buttons on computers and telephones.  Ability to lift tapes, sales packages and other objects up to 20 pounds and over where needed.  Exposed to all kinds of weather in connection with making sales calls on clients.

Statement about Other Duties:

The foregoing is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all functions essential to the job for which the employee is responsible, nor an exhaustive list of the minimum requirements and specifications necessary to perform the essential functions, including all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job.  While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different functions be performed when circumstances change or exigencies require it.

Interested parties should resume and references to Cindi Dove, General Sales Manager, WTKR-TV, 720 Boush Street, Norfolk, VA 23510, 757 446 1312, or e-mail

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