Norfolk gears up for OpSail 2012 with new laws

Posted at 8:07 AM, Jun 05, 2012

At Town Point Park, you'll be able to buy a beer and walk around with it. But even though Norfolk is extending the festival area into parts of downtown, that booze rule won't apply.

The city's five pages of rules for the expanded celebration are mostly the same rules you live with all the time, but some of the new rules seem a bit odd.

The city says these new and temporary rules are all about making sure people have fun at OpSail. But some kinds of fun, not allowed. Baseball games for example, specifically outlawed. And football, that`s against the law, too. For at least one week, no one will be throwing around a football anywhere around OpSail.

In addition:

No wild animals allowed.

No tree climbing.

No arrows, javelins or model airplanes.

 This extended festival area stretches from Harbor Park, as far north as Scope, and then into West Ghent, including a lot of neighborhoods. And even though hundreds of locals might be hosting OpSail parties, they'll have to keep the music volume down, and keep private pop-up tents and shelters off the sidewalks and other public areas.

 And no fireworks allowed. Except the ones on the river.