Operation Blessing teaches students how to be prepared during a hurricane

Posted at 12:31 PM, Jun 05, 2012

Fifth graders at Kingston Elementary were super excited while learning at the same time.

The school had a crew from Operation Blessing teaching students how to be ready for a hurricane. This was just in time for the start of hurricane season.

This group helps with disaster relief all over the United States.

“We complain about the littlest things in our lives, but when you think about what other people go through with their power out and people losing their homes, it’s really amazing to see these people go out and help them,” says student Harry Burnett.

Kids like Harry learned about how hurricanes form and how strong they can be, the difference between a watch and warning and how to stay safe.

The group also taught the kids how to make hurricane emergency kits. 

After a tour of all the tools Operation Blessing uses to help after a hurricane hits, the students left with a better understanding of how a storm can affect them and their families and how to be ready for one.