People Taking Action: Avelyn Chambers

Posted at 7:59 PM, Jun 05, 2012

Thanks to the principal at Thurgood Marshall Elementary, NewsChannel 3 had permission to interrupt this faculty meeting. And the person we was about to single out had no idea.

 “Avelyn Chambers,” Kurt Williams says.

 She caught our attention after we got this email.

 “This lady is a remarkable person.  She takes all of the children on as her own.  When a child has no one to talk to she always takes the time to listen to that child.  She is always giving away free hugs which everyone needs,”  it read.

 “At Christmas, she makes sure every child that needs a coat has a coat.  At the beginning of school she makes sure that every child has a book bag and school supplies,” the email continues.

 The email essentially describes a dedicated life-long educator.

 For decades, Mrs. Chambers has been there to help with schoolwork, a listening ear, giving advice - a friend.

 Some parents at the school remember Mrs. Chambers from when they were students.

 “Oh my God, she's been there for my family from day one. She is so awesome and terrific with the kids,” says Trepholia Winfield, a former student.

 “And so this grandmother wanted to nominate you for a NewsChannel 3 People Taking Action Award,” says Kurt.

 Which brought her colleagues to their feet.

 To no surprise, Mrs. Chambers responded with humility.

 “It's not just me. They just called my name today, but anybody here could've received this award and I just thank all of my friends and my families and everybody here is my family,” she says.

 “I love what I do. It's not a chore. I love it. I'm here many, many hours and I love it.”