Virginia Beach man wins $150,000 from lottery

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jun 05, 2012

Virginia Beach – Omar Luciano was buying groceries when he decided to pick up some Virginia Lottery Scratchers.

He bought four tickets, one of which was a $150,000 Player’s Club ticket. When he scratched the ticket in his car, he discovered he’d won the game’s $150,000 top prize.

“I freaked out a little bit; then I called my wife” he told Virginia Lottery officials as he claimed his prize.

He bought the winning ticket at the Farm Fresh at the Chimney Hill Shopping Center in Virginia Beach.
Mr. Luciano serves in the U. S. Navy. He told Lottery officials he hopes to use his winnings to become debt-free and maybe buy a house.

Mr. Luciano is the first top-prize-winner, which means three $150,000 prizes remain unclaimed.