NewsChannel 3 takes a ride on the Esbern Snare

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jun 06, 2012

As the Esbern Snare made her way through the Air and Sea Parade, they took NewsChannel 3 and others along for the ride.

Janice Hines was one of the visitors on board. She enjoyed the tour of the Danish support ship.

Hines says, "Just meeting the Danish Sailors, it’s been quite an experience.”

The Esbern Snare sailed side by side with local Navy ships, all celebrating the Anniversary of the War of 1812.

Though they didn’t deal with Pirates back then, dealing with counter piracy is a mission navies around the world must now face.

That’s why the Esbern Snare ended up in the parade. Originally, her sister ship, the Absalon, was assigned to make the trip.

Commanding Officer Henry Rassmuseun says, “She’s been busy near the Horn of Africa, doing counter piracy operations. She was delayed in coming back home.”

Though they don’t anticipate having to deal with real pirates during this OpSail mission, they say this gives the crew of about 100 a chance to enjoy what Hampton Roads has to offer.

Lasse Dueholm, a Esbern Snare Sailor, says “You get to see a lot of places you’ve never seen before.”

The Esbern Snare leaves Hampton Roads next week and heads to Baltimore  to get  ready for training exercises.