Police: Car break-ins widespread in Virginia Beach

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jun 07, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-08 00:10:23-04

Virginia Beach police say car break-ins are becoming a widespread and growing problem. It's been going on since March--people preying on unlocked cars in neighborhoods.

"I think it's going to get worse, the economy, you can just tell the way it is," Mitch Hammonds said.

Hammonds had both of his Ford F-150s broken into. 

Hammonds says break-ins are so common in his Kempsville neighborhood, leaving his car unlocked, is the lesser of two evils.

"The cost of fixing the windows is $200, then you have a broken window," Hammonds said.

It's a problem so rampant when NewsChannel 3 asked Virginia Beach police which neighborhoods were being targeted, they couldn't give us an answer. It's everywhere.

Police have put out surveillance photos of suspects in many of the crimes.

They've taken wallets and purses from cars, and used the credit cards on several occasions.

"They're doing what they want and they want things. And the things that they want unfortunately they can't do in a legal way. They violate you and your car," Hammonds said.

One man was seen at a gas station in a dark hat, hoodie, and jeans and was seen leaving in a light-colored Dodge Durango.

Police say another trio is also responsible for some other thefts. If you know anything that can help police, take action against crime and call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.