Police: Woman kills, dismembers husband

Posted at 9:06 AM, Jun 07, 2012

SAO PAULO — A Brazilian woman has confessed to shooting her husband, dismembering him and scattering the parts in a wooded area outside Sao Paulo, police said on Wednesday.

Elize Ramos Kitano Matsunaga, 38, killed her husband, Marcos Kitano Matsunaga, 42, in their apartment in Sao Paulo last month, police said. Police found his body parts in plastic bags along a road in Cotia, about 30 kilometers outside the city.

On Wednesday, the chief of the homicide department, Jorge Carrasco, told a press conference that Matsunaga¹s wife had confessed.

“She confessed spontaneously that she was the perpetrator of the homicide and she also confessed that she acted alone,” he said.

“She reaffirmed that it was a crime of passion,” he added. “It was a marital argument over infidelity.”

Carrasco said Matsunaga, a trained nurse, confessed to shooting her husband in the head and then dragging his body to the maid’s bathroom, where she dismembered him.

Security cameras filmed her leaving the apartment building with large suitcases, tipping off police, who had detained her as a suspect.

Credit: CNN.