Cars stolen and vandalized in Virginia Beach

Posted at 2:32 PM, Jun 14, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-14 19:30:57-04

A Virginia Beach neighborhood is reeling after numerous cars were vandalized and stolen overnight.

Residents living along Fairfax Drive and Benton Court off Lynnhaven Parkway woke-up to find their windows smashed and several cars stolen.

Det. Tonya Borman tells WTKR that there were 3 vehicles stolen and 11 reports of larcenies along Fairfax Drive between 1am and 4:30am Thursday morning. 

One of the stolen vehicles was recovered in Norfolk Thursday morning with assistance from an OnStar system in the car.

Samantha Horvath saw police outside when she woke-up, but she didn't realize right away that her car had been stolen.

"It was actually my 6-year-old who noticed that my car was missing and when we went outside, that's when we saw the broken glass in the driveway," Horvath said.

Tony Blount got hit twice.

His wife's car window was smashed and his 2004 Nissan truck was stolen.

"I don't make a lot of money. I make just enough to work and to keep my stuff running and somebody going to come take my stuff? I'm ready to go find them," Blount said.

Valente Haynes had his car window smashed.

Now he's trying to figure out how to pay the $500 insurance deductible.

"I've actually had this car stolen before so, I was already locking it every time I left it," Haynes said. "Now it's just like, 'Do I leave it unlocked because now they are going to break another window.'"

Neighbors tell NewsChannel3 that they've been told 7 people came into the neighborhood and stole the cars, with one of them acting as a lookout.

They then took the cars to a 7-11 gas station across the street and filled the stolen vehicles up before leaving, according to neighbors. 

Horvath says the experience has her being violated and she's now considering getting an alarm system for her house.

"If they have the audacity to come into your driveway and just take your property, you know what's going to stop them from coming inside your house," Horvath said.

Virginia Beach Police are still investigating and stress that it is very important for residents to lock their cars.