Paying to pay; VDOT proposes extra E-Z Pass fee

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jun 14, 2012

How do you feel about paying more than what you're about to, to go through the Downtown and Midtown Tunnel?

There's a proposal to have an extra monthly fee.

"Yeah, I'm not happy about it".

Sheryl Lange is ticked off about V-DOT's proposed one-dollar per month fee to use E-Z Pass.

If it becomes reality, it'll be tacked on to what she already pays to travel through existing toll booths.  But, she has four transponders on four vehicles, and if you do the math, the extra cost would add up to $48.00 per year in just services fees.

V-DOT says that dollar per month would also help the state buy 500,000 more transponders for new customers who will soon need them.

There are tolls going up all over Virginia including the Downtown Tunnel and at the new Jordan Bridge.

V-DOT says this is simply a proposal, they may consider other options like a one-time fee.  If the monthly charge becomes reality, you'd be like Sheryl, by paying for new E-Z Pass customers.

She and her husband don't like that, so, here's what their plan is...

"He's already said that if it goes a dollar every month extra, he's gonna get it from another state that would work better for us".

A decision on whether there will be that monthly fee will be made at some point this summer.