Judge gives man 3 days in jail for wearing saggy pants in court

Posted at 9:36 PM, Jun 15, 2012

Lorain, OH (WEWS) — His droopy drawers have landed a Lorain man in jail.

Lorain Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok held Durrell Brooks in contempt of court Thursday because Brooks’ pants were riding so low, his underwear was showing. He then ordered him jailed for three days.

“I think he was a little shocked and upset,” Mihok said by phone.

Brooks was attending a hearing with a woman who was facing a traffic violation for a May car crash, when he approached the bench to tell Judge Mihok that he had insurance on the car Jackson was driving.

Mihok said when Brooks turned around, he could clearly see the exposed underwear and ordered him arrested.

Mihok said the incident with Brooks was the third time in the past month he has sent someone to jail for problems with the way they were dressed. Those two people had been warned by court security to pull their pants up before entering the courtroom and when their underwear was still showing when they came in, Mihok sent them to jail.

Mihok said every day, court security has to deal with men wearing their pants too low.

“Some even come in in their jail outfits and put their jail pants low trying to show their friends and relatives that they’re a tough guy,” Mihok said.

He said the issue is not just a matter of decorum, but he wants all those who come into his courtroom, including the elderly and teenagers, to feel safe.