Some legislators question Gov. McDonnell’s deal with the Redskins

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jun 18, 2012

Virginia legislators are questioning the governor about a deal he made with the Washington Redskins; it’s a deal some say he made behind their backs.

The governor's chief of staff and the secretary of finance spoke to the house appropriations committee about the 6.5 million dollar deal.

Under the deal, which was announced earlier this month, the Redskins will keep their headquarters in Virginia and work on expanding the training facility in Loudoun County.

They are also looking to move the Redskins' summer training camp to Richmond next year.

Now some lawmakers have said the governor did not speak with them before making the million dollar deal.

But the governor's office tells NewsChannel 3 a conference call was held with house and senate leaders before the announcement.

McDonnell's office says not everyone chose to participate in the call.