Convicted Beach man is back in court after running from police

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 19, 2012

Cameron Crockett is back in a Virginia Beach Correctional Center after months of being on the run.

He was arraigned on failure to appear charges. Police say US Marshals caught him in Belize.

Crockett was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, but he never showed up for the sentencing.

A jury convicted him of driving drunk and slamming into a tree, killing his friend Jack Korte.

Though prosecutors haven't said how Crockett was caught, his lawyer tells NewsChannel 3 they had his passport. But somehow, it has disappeared.

He would not confirm if Crockett had access to the passport.

While on the run, Crockett missed other court appearances for other unrelated charges, adding more charges against him.

Crockett's friends showed up to court today. Even though he's been convicted twice,they believe he's innocent.

Max Shapiro says, "We are here to support Cameron Crockett. We believe he's innocent. We don't think he was driving the car."

Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Bryant says," I think you can try this case with the evidence ten times and ten times a jury will find him guilty."