ODU football player arrested, charged with several rapes on campus

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jun 24, 2012

We’re learning more about one of the two ODU students arrested and charged with several reported rapes on campus.

One of those students is football standout Reid Evans.

Before his years on the ODU football team, the Hampton native helped the Phoebus High School team to fame and guided the Phantoms to the state championships.

A life that was shining, before things got tarnished by being charged with rape.

ODU police arrested him, as well as student Jack Ly, in connection with reported sexual assaults inside a university dorm on June 17th.

An e-mail alert from the university mentions that the victims, who are not from ODU, reported having severe symptoms consistant with the involvement of a date-rape drug.

Tonight Reid Evans is behind bars instead of on the football field and has been suspended indefinitely from the ODU team.  

Head Coach Bobby Wilder released this statement:

“We hold all of our young men accountable to high standards of conduct, as they serve as ambassadors for our university. We respect the due process of our legal system as these charges are investigated,

However I want to ensure the integrity of our football program and university are not compromised throughout this process.”

We don’t know much about the other student Jack Ly, the other than that he also has rape and other charges on his record.

Both men will have their day in court for arraignment Monday morning in Norfolk.