Former Sailor accused of trying to rape 3 different women in Beach

Posted at 7:27 PM, Jun 25, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-25 23:41:06-04

A former sailor, with no criminal record that police know of, is now accused of sexually assaulting three Beach women in less than an hour and a half, all in the Bayside area.

Twenty-six-year-old Roy Ruiz Loredo is in the Virginia Beach Jail, facing abduction and attempted rape charges after the string of sexual assaults happened early Sunday morning.

Joie Haley lives on Janke Street where Loredo is accused of breaking into a woman's home, dragging her into the back yard, and trying to rape her.

“I don’t think people wake up one day and decide to do that; maybe it’s happened before, maybe he didn’t get caught, maybe no one reported him,” said Haley.

Even though the attack happened after 5 o’clock in the morning, Haley says none of the neighbors heard anything.

“I hope she knows that if any of us could have done anything to help her, we would have. I wish this wouldn’t have happened to her, or to anybody for that matter,” said Haley.

The other two assaults happened about a mile away on the other side of Northampton Boulevard.

Police say the first victim was walking home before 4 am when Loredo attacked her from behind, sexually assaulting her near Hermitage Park on Andrew Jackson Lane.

The next attack happened a few minutes later, just a couple hundred yards away, outside of the Brass Bell Lounge off Independence Boulevard.

Police say the victim was in her car when the suspect grabbed her, and while he was dragging her through the parking lot, she tried to call 911.

Investigators say that’s when Loredo heard sirens from police units responding to the first victim, and left the area before finishing that second attack.

That's when police say he traveled back home and attacked the third woman, just two blocks away from his own home on Westbury Road.

“Hopefully he hasn’t done this to other people. Hopefully this hasn’t been going on for years,” said Haley.

Beach investigators worked quickly, arresting Loredo at his home on Sunday afternoon; they won’t say how they came to identify him.

 He is being held in the Virginia Beach Jail without bond.

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