Norfolk police now investigating former Sailor charged with attempted rape

Posted at 7:20 PM, Jun 26, 2012
and last updated 2012-06-27 11:00:04-04

Roy Ruiz Loredo, a former sailor, has been charged with attempted rape in Virginia Beach. Now Norfolk police say they're looking into whether Loredo could be connected to a sexual assault in their city as well.

Neighbors all know him as a family man--a loving husband and father.

“Just a really nice guy, he would be outside, playing with his daughter. They had a puppy, and the little girl would play with the puppy and he would watch them,” said Torie Gentry.

“They just had a party for her, their little girl, last weekend or the weekend before. Nothing was out of the ordinary, just had a bunch of people over,” said Zeke Niedzwiecki.

But Loredo went from princess bounce houses straight to the big house, now that he is accused of sexually assaulting two women and trying to rape a third.

“That's not something I would imagine Roy would do,” said Gentry, who lives next door to him.

“To hear something like that from one of our neighbors, it’s crazy,” said Niedzwiecki, who lives across the street.

Police feel they have a strong case, and NewsChannel 3 is learning more about how the arrest came so quickly.

It’s all thanks to security cameras outside the Brass Bell Lounge on Independence Boulevard.

One of the attacks happened in their parking lot. Bar owners wouldn't go on camera, but tell us Loredo was there Saturday night having a few drinks and left without closing his tab.

They say the next time he popped up was on their surveillance video early Sunday morning dragging a woman out of her car and attempting to assault her.

With Loredo's credit card and ID still at the bar, investigators quickly showed up at his Westbury Road home Sunday evening to arrest the former sailor.

“Trying to rape three women is ridiculous,” said Gentry, whose family saw Loredo being taken away by police. “It’s crazy, we thought it was drugs, but I guess it wasn’t.”

Police charged Loredo with abduction and attempted rape for the assault caught on camera.

Charges are still pending on the other two victims whose attacks all took place either near the bar or near Loredo's home.

Still, no one can explain why.

“Why he did that all of a sudden and had no criminal history, I have no idea at all,” said Niedzwiecki.

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