Taking Action Getting a Job: Dredge Operators

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jun 27, 2012

Job Number: 296882

Job Description: Dredge Operators

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Works as assigned by the Boat Captain and crew to perform general deck duties that are required for safe, efficient operation of the vessel.

Ties and secures deck lines to other floating vessels or dockside moorings.

Performs daily checks on vessel engines, making general repairs, and reporting major repairs to the Boat Captain or crew.

Assists vessel in towing barges and equipment from one location to another.

Maintains overall appearance of the vessel ensuring that proper storage and housekeeping are observed.

Cleans deck of vessel on a regular interval and maintains equipment exposed to outside elements that cause deterioration.

Keeps deck clear of obstruction of any type that may cause slips, falls or that otherwise may be a safety hazard.

Serves in the capacity of Lookout or Watch for the Boat Captain when underway to other marine locations.

Ensures that all members of crew observe safe work practices.

Performs other tasks as may be assigned by the Boat Captain or crew.

Participates in Safety and environmental initiatives that will contribute to compliance of State/Federal regulations and improve existing Company Programs.