AmeriCorps volunteers take action in Hobson Village

Posted at 8:41 PM, Jul 12, 2012

AmeriCorps volunteers are taking action in the Upper Hobson Village part of Suffolk to connect houses to new wells.

The nine team members, called Team Delta, are on the ground in Upper Hobson to update the infrastructure and connect houses to two wells built by a non-profit in 2009.

"We are here to finally start finishing the project so that they can get all the wells hooked up and everyone can have sufficient drinking water," explained assistant team leader Glenn Herring.

Herring and her teammates are digging trenches to see how current connections are set in order to replace older galvanized pipes with new PVC ones.

"There's a lot of trenching and digging to expose water shut-offs and then to expose and lay new pipes," Herring said. "Eventually, we'll be piecing all of the pipes together and then laying them down to connect them to the well so that the residents can get their water."

The team members are from all over the country including Maine, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

They've been busy in Suffolk working on the well project, as well as additional community service projects.

Local businesses have donated meals to the team and the YMCA has given team members a pass to use the facility to work out while in town.