Dominion Virginia Power rates going up and down

Posted at 8:28 PM, Jul 18, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-18 20:28:32-04

An increase in power rates is never welcome news.

“I just think it’s ridiculous,” said Shanell Bruce of Norfolk. “I just...I don`t think that it’s fair.”

Her power bill was already reaching $300.  Now, it’ll be going up a bit more. On Monday, Dominion Virginia Power raised rates. It’ll be $1.32 more per month on an average bill. No matter how small the increase, people aren’t happy.

“A dollar is a lot, it is...because you’ve got to think that that’s a dollar away from your groceries, that’s a dollar away from other things that you have to do,” said Mia Bair of Norfolk.

But there is relief in sight.  Dominion Power says customers will actually be better off by September.

For all the rate increases you'll see over the summer, there will be even more decreases, meaning a lower bill in the end.

“They'll be lower than they have been in the last three and a half years,” said Bonita Billingsley-Harris with Dominion Power.

So why all the ups and downs just to get to that point?

Dominion Power says each rate adjustment is for a different reason.

The increases can be blamed on things like a new power station that started operating and a customer credit expiring.

The decreases are thanks to things like lower-than-expected fuel costs, an abnormally mild winter and early spring and the performance of new generating units.

So when you add it all together, Dominion Power says you'll be saving about $4.30 a month.

It's welcome news for families who are already careful to conserve energy.

“We have kids and the kids have needs, so you have to think about all the bills that you`re using,” said Bair.

The Virginia State Corporation Commission does have to approve all pending adjustments.