Moped stolen from disabled Norfolk man

Posted at 12:10 AM, Jul 24, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-24 06:52:01-04

Life isn't easy for Frederick Ferebee. He's disabled and lives on a tight budget.

After a year of saving up, he bought the moped he badly needed.

"When you were riding around, how did it make you feel?" Ferebee was asked.

"On top of the world," Ferebee replied.

On Friday morning, he walked out of his first-floor home to find the moped had been stolen.

"I thought somebody was playing a practical joke on me," Ferebee said.

Ferebee's aunt helped him plan a budget to buy the $800 moped. It gave him freedom.

"Easy, much easy. I didn't have to catch the bus and everything," Ferebee said.

Waiting for the bus in the heat was rough. The moped shaved time off of his commute to St. Patrick's school where he works as a dishwasher and it was even saving him money.

"You don't have to pay bus fare or all that," Ferebee said.

Ferebee had just bought the moped a week before. It has him mad, but worse, he feels helpless.

Ferebee doesn't have much, but he played by the rules, and little by little he saved up until he got what he wanted, only to have it swiped from his front door.

"You work for, toward, whatever you have. Not go take stuff from other people," Ferebee said.